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23 January 2012

James vs Liam

Mau tau siapa cowok yang lagi menarik hati gue? Oh say bye bye to BAMBANG , you're officially deleted from my heart :)

And yeah these are my crushes!

Si James ini yang duluan gue demen :p 

James David Maslow
Born in New York City , 16 July 1990 ( 1 hari sebelum gue *dance*)

Why I love him? ARGH! he's so damn pretty :') He's tall and has the cutest smile in the world!

Physical Description :

Eyes : Hazel
Hair : Brown 
Height : 6'1 ft / 185 cm
Ability : Singing , Piano , Extreme Sports ( Mountain climbing , etc ) , Surfing.


Nah si Liam ini yang mungkin kedua 

Liam JAMES (?) Payne
Born in Wolverhampton , England , 29 August 1993 

Why I love him? Also damn pretty! I look him as a shy-boy :p and I just unexpectedly like him!

Physical Description :

Eyes : Brown
Hair : Messy Blonde
Height : 5'10 / 178 cm

Ability : Singing , Piano , Guitar , Basketball! , Beatbox.

BRITISH baybeh!!! 

Argh jadi galau deh kalo inget masalah satu ini.................

Ini seperti mempertahankan cinta yang duluan mampir di hati gue ini ( si James ) atau berpaling ke cowok baru yang sama 'menggiurkan' ( si Liam) . *galau*

(•̀_•́)ง ( -> emoticon favorit belakangan ini) semangat menentukan crush baru! 

I love both of you James & Liam :')

Love Love

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