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06 November 2011

British Royal Family [UPDATED]

Curious with the members of British Royal Family? Here there are! ( the members who bear the style of Royal Highness )

  • Her Majesty The Queen ( The currently reigning monarch )
 also known as Queen Elizabeth II
Full Name : Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Born : 21 April 1926
Just celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee.
Well, she likes dogs.
  • His Royal Highness The Duke Of Edinburgh ( The husband of The Queen and also her Prince Consort )
better known as Prince Philip 
Full Name : Philip ( Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark ) 
Born : 10 June 1921
He's now the UK's longest-serving consort.
You may know IAYP ( International Award for Young People ) 
it's his award for you young boys and girls.
  • His Royal Highness Prince of Wales ( The eldest son & children of The Queen and the heir apparent )

better known as Prince Charles

Full Name : Charles Philip Arthur George
Born : 14 November 1948
He will be the longest heir apparent on 18 September 2013. He may the famous
royal because he married to late Diana Spencer ( known as Lady Diana
but later divorced her. Then he re-married again with Camilla Parker-Bowles.
  • Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall ( The second wife of Prince of Wales)
better known as Camilla

Full Name : Camilla Rosemary ( nee Shand ) 
Born : 17 July 1947 
She might be Prince Charles's main love-interest. 
  • His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge ( The eldest son of Prince of Wales and the second heir to the throne )
better known as Prince William

Full Name : William Arthur Philip Louis
Born : 21 June 1982
He's the famous royal's prince along with his brother!!!
He attended Eton and St Andrew's ( where he met with his wife)
And poor William getting bald.
  • Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge ( Duke of Cambridge's Wife )
better known as Kate Middleton

Full Name : Catherine Elizabeth ( nee Middleton )
Born : 9 January 1982
She's now famous.
She is worldwide fashion icon.
  • His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales ( The younger son of Prince of Wales and the third heir to the throne )
better known as Prince Harry

Full Name : Henry Charles Albert David
Born : 15 September 1984
Well, he known as the "rebel" one but it's fine at all.
He takes military career seriously.
And he reveals that he's searching his "Princess" 
  • Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal ( The Queen's only daughter & the second  child )
better known as Princess Anne
  • His Royal Highness The Duke of York ( The second son of The Queen & the third child )
also known as Prince Andrew
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York ( The elder daughter of Duke of York)
better known as Princess Beatrice
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York ( The younger daughter of Duke of York)
better known as Princess Eugenie
  • His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex ( The youngest son & child of The Queen )
better known as Prince Edward
  • Her Royal Highness Countess of Wessex ( Earl of Wessex's wife )
also known as Sophie
  • The Lady Louise Windsor ( Earl of Wessex's daughter )
also known as Louise
  • Viscount Severn ( Earl of Wessex's son )
also known as James
  • Their Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess Gloucester ( The Queen's cousin & wife )
  • Their Royal Highnesses Duke and Duchess of Kent ( The Queen's cousin & wife )
  • Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Michael of Kent ( The Queen's cousin & wife)
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra , The Honourable Lady Ogilvy ( The Queen's cousin)

For more information about them just ask me ;) 

Happy Sunday!!!
HRH Princess Natasha of Wales =)

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