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24 January 2013

Weekly Quotes

"Don't feel stupid when you have worse grade than your friends. Grades don't determine your success in the future. It won't guarantee either. In the end, all you do is collecting money. And to be rich, you need creativity which never taught in school. Creativity comes from yourself"

"As long as you want to do it, you will get it"

"Why you need school if all you care is finding grades rather than the knowledge itself?"

"When you hesitate, people won't care"

"Sometimes it's better you fail than you succeed by dishonest way"

"He might looks ugly in outside, but inside is the most important"

"Boys... don't you ever promise a girl that you will always love her, but then you just throw her away"

"Girls... don't pretend you like what he likes when you actually don't"

"If you allow someone to be the source of your happiness, they will also become the source of your pain. " - @TheLoveStories

"Tears are words the heart can't express." - @TheLoveStories

"Your past may have screwed you up. But never let your past control your present and ruin your future." - @TheLoveStories

"Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser." - @damnitstrue

"The worst feeling you'll ever feel is thinking about the person who means the world to you knowing that you mean nothing to them" - @TheCarlosPena

"Compares : When you through difficult exam and get 100 by cheating with you get 78 by your hard-work"

"I'm not the prettiest girl on earth, but I'll try to be pretty just to make you notice me"

"When you wish something would not happen, they would happened"

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