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04 March 2012

Kids Choice Awards 2012

31 Maret 2012 nanti atau 2 april di nick-asia nanti bakal diadakan Kids Choice Award 2012!!! KCA tahun ini bakal dibawakan oleh si papinya Jaden-Willow yaitu Will Smith! Masalah siapa yang bakal perform wehhh belom diumumin sih.

Gak pake basa-basi lagi deh , ayo vote artis favorit kalian! :D

by the way jangan lupa dong nge-vote artis local pita, agnes monica for favorite asian act nominee :D

favorite music group ( go vote Big Time Rush! ) http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote#category:kca_favourite_music_group

favorite male singer http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote#category:kca_favourite_male_singer

favorite female singer ( go Katy Perry!) http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote#category:kca_favourite_female_singer

favorite song http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote#category:kca_favourite_song

favorite TV Show http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote#category:kca_favourite_tv_show

nominasi lengkapnya ada di http://kca.nick-asia.com/vote


Okayy, karena besok gue UTS , gue gak bisa lama" nge-postnya nih... udah dimarahin ibunda @__@

gue mau inform saja kemarin gue ketemu lagi sama hhhmm old crush ! .________.
dan tau gak sih mak gue katanya kenal mama-papanya Bambang! well, kita emang se-gereja bareng dulu pas gue masih kecil! yeyyy >____<

Sudah ah

Wish me luck for mid-term test!!!


PS : Happy belated birthday Jason Gordon -> Jennifer's lil bro thanks for invite to your birthday party!!!
PPS : Happy belated birthday Justin Bieber :D keep pretty and stay rocks!!

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