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14 April 2012

My Perfect Sisters

Jika dulu gue pernah nge-post tentang siapa-siapa saja yang berpotensi menjadi ayah "keren" sekarang gue mau buat list , cewek-cewek cantik yang aduhai buat jadi kakak / adik mungkin :p

Let's see!

(alphabetical order)

1.  Grace Dzienny 

Full Name : Grace Dzienny
Birth          : August 26 , 1996
Known for : Her role as Amanda McKary at Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas

Why I like her ? She's sweet and pretty , and I like her acting :)

2. Katelyn Tarver 

Full Name : Katelyn Marie Tarver
Birth          : November 2 , 1989
Known for : Her role as Jo Taylor at Nick's Big Time Rush & her debut album "Wonderful Crazy" & "a Little More Free"

Why I like her? She's pretty at all and I like her being Kendall's girlfriend.

3. Katy Perry 

Full Name  : Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
Birth           : October 25 , 1984
Known for : Her singles such as California Girls , Hot N Cold , Teenage Dream , Last Friday Night , The One That Got Away , etc .
Also her voice role as Smurfette at The Smurfs

Why I like her? I like the way she put her style as childish and her voice her songs , all the best <3

4. Megan Fox

Full Name : Megan Denise Fox
Birth          : May 16 , 1986
Known For : Her role at Transformers 1&2 , Jennifer's Body , etc and her sexiness ?:p

Why I like her? Well, although she looks bit mean and typical bully-er , I like her acting especially in horror movies.

5. Taylor Swift 

Full Name : Taylor Alison Swift
Birth          : December 13 , 1989
Known For : Her many hit songs , "You Belong With Me" , "Mean" , "Sparks Fly" , "Back To December" , etc

Why I like her? Paralyzed by her music video Safe and Sound <3 , she's pretty like a barbie , and she has kind face.

+ Ariana Grande!

Full Name : Ariana Joan Grande- Butera
Birth          : June 26 , 1993
Known For : Her role as Cat Valentine at Nick's Victorious & her single "Put Your Hearts Up"

Why I like her? I like her smile with her dimples seen. And I love her playing cat!! Her childish behavior is funny :D

That's all my perfect sisters list :p  Just comment on this post and tell me yours!!



PS : I'll add more list post next time!!! <3

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