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09 June 2012


Well, I'm trying to pretend Iike I'm 1D member but ... argh hard to describe! Just imagine I'm a famous person.
(the questions are based on dare to dream with some changes due opposite gender)

DOB : 17/07/97
Star Sign : Cancer


Book : Eclipse & Princess Diaries
Film : Shark Tale
Body Part : My eyelashes ( because it's long and thick without mascara ;;) )
Food : Fried Chicken
Album : Twilight Soundtrack
Friend : Tita, Debora , Jennifer , Michelle ...
Celebrity Gentleman : Liam Payne
Shop : Zara
Drink : Bubble Tea
Colour : Pink
TV Show : Victorious
Perfume : Paris Hilton , I forgot the name x_x
Game : Pacman =D
iPhone App : M.a.s.h
Way to spend  a Sunday : going to church, go to mall , watch films
Date Venue : Bookstore
Country : Indonesia , a place where I can speak with no doubt & eat the best food in the woorrldd.
Restaurant : Din Tai Fung. A chinese restaurant where served the best xiao long bao ever
Way To Relax : Watch movie and read book then listen some random songs while write story <3
Mode of Transport : Car
Night Out : Cinema
Band : 1D , BTR , Muse , LP <3

What Colour Is Your Duvet Cover? Cream
What Kind of Clothes You Wear? Recently I fallin' in love with long-sleeved t-shirt
First Pet ? Rabbit called Ichi ( shortened from 'Kelinci' , Indonesian term for Rabbit )
Do You Like Your Own Company or Other People's? Probably other's :) I care people
Last Book You Read : Dare To Dream by 1D
Last Five Things You Bought : Cake , Book , Toiletries , Crisp , Book
What Type of Boys You Like : Uhhm many people said I like pretty boys. But actually I like all good-looking boys ( maybe because I'm just early teenager who looks people by their cover), smart , and maybe Funny =D then the most important thing they accept me for who I am not who they want :)


future famous girl ( dunno what reason I'll become famous someday =D )

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