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08 July 2012

100 Things About Me

So recently the worldwide's trending topic on Twitter is #100thingsaboutme . Since I wanna do tweet-less, I'll mention it on this blog.

So here we go.

1. I'm a girl not yet a woman.
2. Forever 14
3. Born in ranked 63rd failed country of 2012
4. Raised by single-parent mother
5. I have a sister
6. Music is the best escape of any problems.
7. Forever Literature ( Read and Write baybehh)
8. Fan of any kind of movies except Sci-Fi and Musical.
9. I adore chicken.
10. I trust in God , Jesus o:)

11. Not yet baptized but soon will be.
12. Dreaming become sunday-school teacher someday
13. I have a huge family. My mum has 9 siblings while my dad has 13.
14. I love guys. A lot.
15. My favorite song all the time... is probably Undisclosed Desires by Muse.
16. Liam Payne is currently my celebrity crush eh by the way Andrew Garfield's cute too... but he's too old for me ah :(
17. My favorite movie all the time is.......... Despicable Me.
18. I like any kind of music. I'm flexible  but except Heavy Metal :|
19. Wondering why when i was kid I'm skinny and suddenly when I grew up.. i turn into curvy girl.
20. I'm proud I'm short ( 5'3 ) , not really easy to be founded huh ?:p

21. I can't drink neither coffee nor alcohol. Not because I've specific disease ( maybe i am but not yet realized ) ... just avoid them.
22. Favorite ice cream's flavor? Vanilla of course.
23. I'm shy *blush* but sometimes I can be confident too. Depends on situation....
24. I like to think about my future... hhmmm
25. I made a decision that I want study Psychology or Literature for university
26. Prefer Social Science.
27. One time I checked my IQ and I'm really surprised that I'm good at Logic. REALLY????
28. I'm typically want-to-know-more person.
29. I think I'm easy-bored person.
30. I drink a glass of milk everyday ( so I can be taller...)

31. My favorite subject is English. Haha.
32. I'm pretty good at Bahasa , ICT , Civics , Biology :D
33. I hate P.E , Physics , and Chinese.
34. My EQ is 64 of 100 :O
35. Recently, I'm interest to study German... but people say it's hard!
36. Before I decided to be psychologist , I wanna be a spy agent. hah.
37. I am Detective Conan's collector.
38. If I were a boy I would playing football with the guys until evening.
39. I wanna live in London someday.... someday...
40. Currently doing my big project!

41. I'm afraid of dentist. You can laugh.
42. I'm afraid of taking pills . You can laugh too.
43. My favorite color is Pink :)
44. If I could switch Indonesian flag with any country's flag... I will choose Brunei :)
45. People think I'm quiet
46. I collect any twilight, brit royals , big time rush, 1D related.
47. I really want a book titled "Growing Up Royal" but I don't know where to buy.
48. Asking me about cake? Any kind of cake I'll accept :p
49. Still wondering why my friends say my boy's type is PRETTY
50. I'm picky on food. I can't eat seafood.

Halfway thereee .......... * thinking what should I tell about *

51. Favorite Twilight Series' book? Twilight
52. Twilight character? Alice Cullen.
53. Why you like Brit Royals? Because I'm doing research of them.
54. Who's your favorite Royals member? Prince William
55. Favorite BTR's member? James.
56. Why? You tell me
57. Favorite BTR's song? Uhhmm... all of them :)
58. Choose on of 1D's member ... Liam Payne for sure xxx
59. Why you like him? Why need to explain? Btch pls that's obvious.
60. Favorite 1D's song? Same Mistakes :)

61. Hair Color : Black
62. Hair Length : Medium Long
63. Eye Color : Blue. Okay I'm lying, dark brown.
64. Weight : Why should I tell you?
65. Height : Already answered.
66. Braces? No
67. Glasses? Unfortunately, yeah
68. Piercings ? No ...
69.Tattoo? Lo gila
70. Righty or Lefty? Really wanna try to be lefty

71. My shoe size is ... 4,5 . Hah
72. I have a shih-tzu dog, Nicholle. And she's really mean to me :)
73. My first early memory of childhood is when I got back from Nursery school in my hometown... I saw a beautiful field with nice air ~
74. Used to be friendly with my juniors but now........ I don't think so.
75. I avoid to eat Junk Food now... so say bye bye to Mcd's , Burger King , etc
76. I like badminton and football ( soccer )
77. Favorite shoe brand : Converse.
78. Favorite clothes brand : Zara
79. I like to eat xiao long bao in Din Tai Fung.
80. I want to be a singer. :O

Have You Ever

81. Kissed a stranger? Neeevveer
82. Had a alcohol? Yeahh
83. Smoked? NOO
84. Ran away from home? Really??:|
85. Broke a bone? Neevver
86. Broke someone's heart ? Maybe
87. Broke up with someone? Duh, never.
88. Cried at school? Yes :|
89. Skip class? yes :|
90. Stay at hospital? yes

Okay 10 to goooo , be patient! :P

91. My darkest secret is... "if i told you, it won't be a secret" - Griffin #BigTimeLive
92. I'm not interesting with K-Pop.
93. My favorite snack is Potato Chips.
94. I am stubborn and sensitive -
95. I will going to high school in a week!!!

Okay the last 5 things about me is about what i want from a boy.

96. He trust in God
97. He's responsible
98. He's funny
99. He's intelligent.
100. And the most important , He loves me for who I am. Just the way I am :)

OKAYY THAT'S IT! Finisheedd ! woo

Thankyou for reading.

Natasha, a girl who will back to school again tomorrow! HIGH SCHOOL! :|

PS : I'm really not ready to back to school
PPS : H-9 :O

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