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26 February 2011

8C Tap Tap Competition Result

Babak Penyisihan

Nathanael vs Hanie
Medium- One Time (Justin Bieber Revenge)
Winner : Nathanael

Regita vs Destriny
Medium - I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry Revenge)
Winner : Destriny

Claudia vs Chelsea
Medium - I Like It Rough (Lady Gaga Revenge)
Winner : Claudia

Firstanny vs Yeremia
Medium - Numb (Linkin Park Revenge)
Winner : Firstanny

Semi Final

Nathanael vs Destriny
Hard - What I've Done (Linkin Park Revenge)
Winner : Destriny

Claudia vs Firstanny
Hard - Favorite Girl (Justin Bieber Revenge)
Winner : Claudia


Destriny vs Claudia
Extreme -Never Let You Go (Justin Bieber Revenge)
Winner : Destriny


Destriny vs Jennifer
Hard - Alejandro (Lady Gaga 2 Revenge)
Winner : Destriny

Destriny vs Natasha (me)
Hard - Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Revenge)
Winner : Destriny

Result :

Master of Tap Tap 2011 & The Fastest Fingers of The Month : Destriny
1st Winner : Destriny 
2nd Winner : Claudia
3rd Winner : Nathanael

See you on 8C Tap Tap Competition 2!Coming Soon! =)

with love,
Natasha - Jennifer - Michelle

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