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08 January 2011

Europe Travel Awards

Best of Italy 

Best Place : St Peter Basilica
Best Hotel : Venice
Best Restaurant : Mcdonald's,Pisa
Best Program : Gondola,Venice
Best City : Vatikan
Best Souvenir : I Love Rome T-Shirt

Worst of Italy

Worst Place : Pisa Tower
Worst Hotel : Palace Inn,Rome
Worst Restaurant : -
Worst Program : Shopping at Via Condotti 
Worst City : Pisa

Best of Austria

Best Place : Christmas Market
Best Hotel : Innsbruck
Best Restaurant : -
Best Program : Shopping at Swarovski
Best City : Innsbruck
Best Souvenir : Swarovski Pencil

Best of Switzerland

Best Place : Mount Titlis

Best Hotel : Flora Hotel,Lucerne 
Best Restaurant : -
Best Program : Shopping Watches and Chocolates
Best City : Lucerne
Best Souvenir : Swatch Souvenirs & Piggy Chocolates

Best of Germany

Best Place : Gothic Cathedral

Best Hotel : -
Best Restaurant : Spagetthi Bologness Restaurant
Best Program : -
Best City : Cologne
Best Souvenir : Keychains 

Best of Netherlands

Best Place : Volendam Village ( maybe Red Light :p)

Best Hotel : Novotel,Amsterdam
Best Restaurant : Indonesia Restaurant
Best Program : Take a Photo with Windmill and Netherlands Traditional Clothes
Best City : Amsterdam
Best Souvenir : Stamps

Worst of Netherlands

Worst Place : Royal Palace
Worst Hotel : -
Worst Restaurant : -
Worst Program : Went to Cheese Factory and Ate Goat Cheese!
Worst City : Den Hague

Best of Paris

Best Place : Eiffel Tower
Best Hotel : Holiday Inn
Best Restaurant : Thai Restaurant
Best Program : Went to Disneyland 
Best City : Paris
Best Souvenir : Miniature of Eiffel Tower

Worst of Paris

Worst Place : Gallery La Fayette
Worst Hotel : -
Worst Restaurant : Room Service
Worst Program : Went to Gallery La Fayette
Worst City : -

Best of London

Best Place : Tower of London
Best Hotel : Holiday Inn
Best Restaurant : Malaysia Resaturant
Best Program : Went to Tower of London
Best City : London
Best Souvenir : Keychains

Worst of London 

Worst Place : St Paul Cathedral
Worst Hotel : -
Worst Restaurant : -
Worst Program : Didn't Came to Sherlock Holmes Museum!
Worst City : -

Best Country : Switzerland
Best City : Paris 
Best Place : Eiffel Tower,Paris
Best Hotel : Novotel,Amsterdam
Best Weather : London
Best Food : Amsterdam
Best View : Innsbruck,Austria
Best Safety : Switzerland
Best of The Best : Paris 

Worst Country : Italy
Worst City : Pisa
Worst Place : Pisa Tower
Worst Hotel : Palace Inn,Rome
Worst Weather : Frankfurt,Germany
Worst Food : Italy
Worst View : Pisa,Italy
Worst Safety : Rome,Italy
Worst of The Worst : Italy

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